2023 - Feburary

Posted on Mar 4, 2023
tl;dr: A busy, yet unproductive month.

General Overview

Unfortunately looking back, February has been no where near as productive as January and as such it’s likely going to be shorter than Januarys. Work has been busy and I’ve been away a few times which honestly, apart from missing my partner, has been quite an enjoyable feeling. A few days of not worrying about what’s going on in my personal life, with something purely to focus on and distract myself. I’ve been struggling to sit down in my own time to write code, mostly due to lack of motivation. Perhaps due to doing too much in January?

Other things

Although in someways Feburary has been a bit of a downer, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting some friends who I’d only ever spoken to online this month. It was a blast and I’m incredibly glad I got to see them, I hope we can meet up again soon!

Taking a break

I’ve decided I’m going to be taking a break from the majority of my social apps, including Discord, Snapchat, Twitter, for an undetermined amount of time. I’ve realised that it’s causing me issues and I needed to remove myself from places in order to hurt me further. I’m not sure when I’ll return but if you need to contact me, please email, stuart [at] pomeroys.site.

On to March

March is looking to also be busy, with my birthday and other events happening. Hopefully I’ll feel better at the end of March, than I do feel now.